Life’s Winning Formula

I’ve always wanted to make the most of life.

Most people would say the same.

Whether it was in sports, with family, with money, or success, I’ve always wanted the best.

And that’s most of us.

We all want to:

  • Make a lot of money
  • Live in a nice house
  • Have happy relationships
  • Have a certain level of fitness and health
  • Do things we love

I’ve pretty much made it my mission to maximize all those areas in my life. So I’ve been on my pursuit searching for answers and trying new things for a while. And I’ve learned so much.

For me, it’s more than just a desire. I actually feel like I’m supposed to find the way from “normal” to great. And then, shine the light on that path for others.

It’s possible for the majority of people to elevate their lives, but it’s not easy.

Life-Change is hard, but worth it.

We each have different starting points.

But no matter where you’re at, there’s always gonna be somebody out there that had more difficult circumstances and made something great out of their lives. So it’s possible for you too.

As you grow, you realize just how savage the world can be at times.

We face so many challenges:


From the time we enter the world, we are conditioned by our circumstances and environments. The most common message that circulates through our lives is to settle. Whether it’s spoken directly or shown by example, we are taught to conform and accept less than we feel like we deserve. And the world operates this way.

-Caught up in the rat race.

You want nice things so you work hard to get them. You work long hours for money that you barely have enough time or energy to enjoy. Then you realize you’re in this cycle. It’s almost like a trap.

-Feelings of a lack of time or money.

We all have the same amount of hours in a day. But the amount of responsibilities varies. Depending on the amount of responsibilities you have, it can seem super difficult to get things done.

-Negative habits.

We get some from our parents, some from our friends, and pick up some of our own. And I’m not just talking about the obvious bad habits like eating too much. I’m talking about the less obvious ones like negative self-talk, staying up too late, and things like that that will sabotage your success.

-Feeling like you waited too long.

In today’s world, especially with social media, it’s easy to feel like everybody else is getting ahead while you’re still in the same place. It’s easy to feel like some people get an easy break.

With that being said, there are some common things we all have access to that can change the trajectory of each of our lives, no matter the background.

The Power of Taking Control

I vividly remember when my life changed for the better. It was the moment that I decided to take control.

I was broke, hurt, and disappointed. Life had not gone the way I had expected it to.

I felt like a victim to life.

But that’s what woke me up. I realized that I had the power to change things. I just needed to know the way.

I acknowledged that my own ways were getting me nowhere fast.

So I started searching out the ways of successful people. People with lives like I wanted.

I got obsessed.

And it completely changed my life and its direction.

After years of work, trial and error, and relentless study, I’m proud of who I am today and what my life has become.

I’ve cultivated the most important things, and I’m grateful.

But I never would’ve been here if I had never dropped my old ways of thinking.

If you need change today, you can take control.

If you’re anything less than happy and moving in a direction you’re proud of, in any area of your life, it’s your time. No matter where you are, there’s something you can do.

I’m just like you. And I’ve made changes so many times. And so many others have come before us doing the same thing. So, I believe in you. Because if I can, you can.

Here are 5 things that you can do to take control of your outcomes and win at life:

  • 1. Realize Your Worth.

If you are not satisfied, with any area of your life, that’s your heart letting you know that you deserve more.

I wasn’t satisfied. I realized I deserved better. Then, I realized nobody was coming to save me. So if I felt I deserved better, it was on me to do something about it.

  • 2. Get Rid Of Your Old Identity.

A common thing to believe is that people are handed the keys to success or that other people have it easier. Some are, but most are not. Most people had to learn the way.

Your old identity might only know those negative habits I mentioned earlier. It literally might be all you know. Just take overeating as an example. Some people grow up in a household that only overeats. So everybody is overweight. Thats literally all you know. So you’d have to change your identity to change your outcomes. That’s an old identity tied to the lifestyle that pairs with it.

There’s another way. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be fit people. This goes for ANYTHING whether it’s relationships, money, or whatever. Get rid of the old identity.

  • 3. Shape Your New Identity.

Be conscious about your influences. Success leaves clues. Cultivate a new mindset and lifestyle.

  • 4. Develop A Vision.

Take time to be completely honest about what you want in your life. Break it down into actionable goals that start small and go from there until you will reach that vision.

  • 5. Take Action.

None of it is possible without action. So how bad do you really want it. You gotta find a way to prioritize the things you want to change. THAT is taking control.

To really take it to the next level, pray and read.

Even if you don’t know how, start and keep going. All you need is an open and willing heart. You’d be surprised how far that can take you.

Let the momentum carry you.

This is how you change your trajectory.

This is life’s winning formula!

When I had finally had enough, I surrendered my old ways to take on new ideas.

It’s not a bad thing to admit you’re wrong. Everybody is wrong about something. It’s actually maturity when you’re able to acknowledge that you might not be right about something. Be teachable. Especially if the person who’s teaching has a different outcome than you in a given area. They most likely know something you don’t.

I’m really thankful that I let my path open up and develop. It led me here. I boxed myself in for so long.

I’m glad to be here, sharing things with you and pushing for greatness together.

I appreciate y’all. Just like always, find me on my socials @zachbanes, subscribe to the YouTube channel and email list, and check out the blogs on my site. And lemme know what you think about the content, and share some ideas about some other things you’d like to talk about.

I hope you’re having a great week and I hope you’re happy with the direction you’re going in life.

My books coming soon and some other materials I’ll be putting out that’ll really take this to the next level.

Until next week..

I’m your friend. I’m your brother. It’s ya boy,

Zach Banes