Life is good but is something missing?

Sometimes, life is easy.

You’re on a high, you just reached a goal, things are moving up. Those times are great, but times of extreme accomplishment come and go.

Then, there are times in life when it’s hard.

The bills, the work, health issues, or feelings of a lack of time and sleep can all add up to create stress. But those times won’t last forever either.

More often than not, you find yourself coasting in an “Average Day.”

The Average Day: You’re not overly happy or unhappy. There’s not a ton of excitement. You’re just living and taking care of your responsibilities.

We’re all human, and we all go through ups and downs. But we spend most of our time in the steady, monotonous times.

Just existing. But this type of living can lead to stagnation, regression, and settling.

You work because you should.

You go to church because you should.

You’re responsible, but you’re not fulfilled.

Something is missing.

You were made for more than just existing.

The problem is that your average day is not something that excites you. In those times, most of us lack passion and direction.

We spend too many of our days without purpose by doing things like:

  • Counting down days until the weekend
  • Counting the days until vacation
  • Rushing through our workdays
  • Zoning out or going into autopilot mode to get through tasks

And it’s easy to do.

There are so many moving parts of our lives, it’s easy to box ourselves in and compartmentalize each piece of our lives that requires a different form of us. But when we do that, we lose our focus on the things that are actually important to us. Day after day. Until each day is just “plain”and rushed away.

The thing about it is this: our days compile to create our lives. And if we wish away and rush through most of our days, we are wishing away and rushing through our lives.

We need a life that makes us happy, not just on the weekends and during vacations.

But in today’s world, that sounds like some kind of wishful dream. It’s really not though.

Everybody wants to live a long, fulfilling life that excites them.

But it’s impossible to do that when you’re rushing through each day to get to the high points that only last for a short period of time.

Each day, and our outlook on that day, is super important.

So, how do we change it?

We need passion.

We need vision.

We need purpose.

You won’t find it in money.

You won’t find it in a good time.

You have to find it within yourself.

Instead of just going through the motions, we have to live with intention.

By doing things a certain way, we can bring more excitement and purpose to the average day because each “average” day, and our outlooks on that day, is a reflection of our lives as a whole.

For a while, you might feel fine climbing the ladder or getting yourself into a stable place financially. But when the dust settles, and you’re starting to coast, your emotions will calm, and you’ll most likely lay down at night feeling a desire that you might not understand.

Humans feed off progress.

We are built to grow.

And as long as it’s benefitting you or others in a positive way, there’s nothing wrong with it.

There HAS to be passion and purpose in your days to make even the average days with all your responsibilities exciting.

Like I said in the last blog post: When I took my break from music, I was feeling great for a while just to be moving up in life again.

Everything had been on pause for a while.

We sold our old house, moved, and I started doing different work. Then I started a new business. And we got comfortable.

Happy- but completely still. Not moving in any direction anymore. Just staying in place.

And my days started feeling “Average.” Money wasn’t the motivation anymore. I had to have that depth behind my actions again.

We are made for motion.

I had gotten so used to not putting myself out there anymore and just being locked in on my home life.

But I felt like I should share.

When I began to write again, it LITERALLY set my soul on fire again. That’s because it’s something that I’m passionate about.

Then, I was moving again, living with intention, working toward a vision, and filling all my days with purpose.

That’s what this is about.

Our lives are exciting when we have a sense of purpose behind our actions.

  • We walk with confidence because we know where we are going.
  • We are less concerned about the outcomes and more concerned about the process.
  • Our work is more fulfilling.
  • And our “Average Days” become opportunities to reach for more.

This is how you transform your days from average to exciting:

  1. Find a passion. Don’t overcomplicate it. Trust me, I’ve spent way more time than I should have just overthinking things. Take action. Do something. Try something new. I coached a kids’ football team and couldn’t believe how passionate I became about it. I found myself thinking about it with so much excitement throughout the day. I’m sure there’s something you’re interested in right now. Or maybe you’re not even particularly interested. I never desired to be a coach. But it got me moving. Say yes to something. It might be losing weight or learning how to write. Whatever it is, dive into it. Learn everything you can about it. It could seem like a small thing now, but you’d be surprised how much excitement it’ll add to your days. Not to mention, you never know how useful it could be in the future. For example, I’ve went down so many rabbit holes and gotten passionate about so many different things. The crazy thing is, a lot of the things that seemed completely separated from each other have found a way to to come together and create something awesome in my life today.
  2. Write down where you wanna go in life. Break that down into actionable steps that will lead you there. Have you ever actually made the time to sit down in a quiet place, uninterrupted, cleared your mind, and thought about exactly what your desires and goals in life are? You’d be surprised by the amount of people that say they want more, but don’t actually know what “more” is. You’ve gotta be detailed and specific. The more familiar you are with your destinations, the more easily you’ll get there.
  3. Develop a system to build a solid foundation for your life by taking care of yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically. Prioritize these things. When you’re grounded, you’ll be able to navigate through life with a lot more clarity.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the middle of all the responsibilities and begin to drift. The scary part is how fast time flies. If you’re drifting, whether you’re comfortable or not, try this.

I guarantee this will add some fire to your life. And who knows, it might even open some doors to opportunities you never thought you’d have.

That’s what I have this week! I dare you to try some of this.

You really don’t have to drift. It’s okay to drift for a while, but you don’t have to make a lifestyle out of it. Sometimes it’s necessary for gaining perspective. But I want you to get back on the grind and make some positive impact. Even if it’s positive only for you, that’s enough because when you’re happier, you’ll make other people happier.

I want the best for you. I wanna see some people pumped up about their lives.

I hope you’ve had a great week so far, and I hope this gives you a boost to keep killing it.

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Until next week.

I’m your friend. I’m your brother. It’s ya boy,

Zach Banes